3 former Mariners we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we'll wish stayed

With the most roster turnover in baseball, we say goodbye to a couple of fan favorites. Here are some we are glad to see leave, and ones we wish didn't
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Mariners player fans will be thrilled to see gone: Mike Ford

This might be an unpopular opinion. Let me clear the air by saying Mike Ford was a very big bright spot for the team in 2023. When the Mariners weren't getting production out of guys like Teo, Geno, and even Julio, Ford stepped up in a big way and during some stretches carried this team.

For a DH position that was a black hole for quite a few years after Nelson Cruz left, Mike Ford gave the Mariners very solid production. In 2023, he put up a solid 123 wRC+ with 16 home runs in just 84 games; he was regularly coming up with big home runs in clutch moments. He carried a struggling lineup that became so strikeout heavy, causing a lot of ups and downs.

Strikeouts were a big part of Ford's game as well, as he struck out 32.3% of the time in 2023 and that is just not something that the Mariners can have in their lineup again. If they were to come into the 2024 season with Mike Ford penciled in as the everyday DH, it would've been a failed offseason. I love Mike Ford, but when you are a team aspiring to win a World Series, you have to make the upgrades from a guy like Ford to a guy like Mitch Garver. Fans will be glad to see him gone, strictly for the improvement and level of production they will see out of the DH position this year.