Polarizing former Mariners OF Jarred Kelenic proves M's made the right choice in trading him away

Jarred Kelenic ripped into Jerry Dipoto on a recent podcast, proving why getting rid of him in a trade to the Braves was the right move for the Mariners
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When Jarred Kelenic was on the Mariners, he was one of the most divisive players on the team within the fan base. Some backed him completely, others thought he was a massive problem to the team and their morale. Whether you thought he was a bust or too young and was still growing into the player he may eventually become, there were wildly varying opinions on Jarred Kelenic.

Those were further assuaged when he was traded to the Atlanta Braves earlier in the offseason. You had people doubling down on getting rid of a bad player to those predicting that Kelenic was going to have a career year, smack 30 homers, and play an integral part in the Braves season in 2024.

Well, Kelenic decided to share his thoughts on the Mariners Front Office, and it's only going to further divide fans thoughts on the polarizing former Mariners outfielder.

Kelenic ripped into the Mariners Front Office, particularly into Dipoto, mentioning that it made it hard to focus and improve, bringing unneeded attention to the team.

Maybe you were the problem, Jarred Kelenic

To me, this just shows the immaturity that Kelenic has. I rode that line in the past and was actually a defender of Kelenic. He was young, didn't have a ton of opportunity before being thrust into the spotlight, and was still growing as a player.

In reality, you have an emotional and heart-on-his-sleeve player that isn't afraid to speak out. This can be a good thing if handled correctly, but Kelenic is once again letting his emotions get the better of him to the detriment of those around him. Remember, in the midst of the 2023 season, Kelenic kicked a water cooler in frustration and broke his foot, missing 54 days and 48 games of the Mariners season.

For a player that hit .232/.313/.351 with just 4 homers and went 8/13 on steals over his final 80 games (with the injury in between), that's totally unacceptable. You can't play poorly, hurt yourself on a team thin for outfielders, and then talk crap about the team once you leave. It makes you sound like a whining and selfish immature child.

When the Mariners needed you the most, trying to turn the season around, you threw a tantrum and kicked a cooler. Funny that while you were out, the Mariners went from a record of 50-55 with you playing to 38-19 when you weren't in the lineup. Maybe they're better off without him.

I wanted to like Kelenic, I really did. After seeing this, though, I hope the door hit him on the way out.

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