Mariners shock the baseball world and trade Robbie Ray to Giants for Mitch Haniger and Anthony DeSclafani

The Mariners have shocked everyone, trading Robbie Ray to the Giants for Mitch Haniger and Anthony DeSclafani in an upprecedented move
San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
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HOLY SMOKES! The Mariners just shocked everyone with a move that no one saw coming. The Mariners have traded Robbie Ray to the San Francisco Giants for Mitch Haniger and Anthony DeSclafani.

There have been jokes about trading Robbie Ray, but they all seemed just that, a joke, since he was on the IL while he recovers from Tommy John Surgery. It seemed unlikely that he would move because of that, although he was spotted online throwing the ball around, seeming to be looking good while progressing in his recovery.

This is big for the Mariners, as it adresses some holes in their team without really subtracting anything away from it. You bring back fan favorite Mitch Haniger, likely to try and play Right Field again, taking on the big salary that the Giants paid him, gambling that he will stay healthy and revert to some memory of the offense that he used to bring to the team, instead of the injury plagued seasons.

The Mariners also got SP Anthony DeSclafani. His FIP was 4.35 last season, much better than his ERA. He's had some great seasons in the past, but also some not so good ones, so its a decently risky acquisition here to get another SP in this deal.

It also gives the Mariners the chance to make another move, as they have 6 active SP in their rotation now. Could this be the start of some more moves that the Mariners could make? Are we about to see them trade one of their SP surplus for a hitter?

UPDATE: The Mariners are making another trade with the Rays, sending Jose Caballero to Tampa For Luke Raley. We will try and have something up on this as well to learn more about the deal. More is sure to come, so make sure to stay tuned as we keep you updated. More to come.

UPDATE: The Mariners are getting cash in the deal as well, so they aren't taking on all the salary from the Giants. Will let you know once we hear how much.