Once again the question arises... is Teoscar Hernandez turning it around for the Mariners?

It seems like it's a question that we have asked multiple times throughout the season... but, is Teoscar Hernandez turning a corner for the Seattle Mariners?

Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox
Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

For the life of me, I cannot figure out Teoscar Hernandez. This goes all the way back to a game against the Oakland Athletics earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be there working the game for our site, and Teo looked broken at the plate. I think I wrote a bit about it, and I even mentioned it in some of the group chats that I am in.

Of course, he immediately hit a home run after that.

It seems like that has the path for Teoscar all season. He struggles mightily, and we think he's broken, that the Mariners made a mistake. Then he gets hot, and we wonder if he has finally figured it out. Rinse and repeat.

Could it be for real this time? That's the hope. Check out his monthly stats, and you can see why it gets frustrating with him as a fan. (Obviously, baseball is hard. Hitting is an insanely impressive talent. Should be a given, but I'll put it here anyway.)

























He sucked when he got here and it wrankled the fans. The next month wasn't really any better as his SLG was awful. Then, June hit. Teo dominated. Great SLG. Hitting well and even walking. Here comes July, and he forgot how to hit. Worst month of the season. We turn to August and it's his best month of the season.

You know what it looks like we are possibly going to end up with?

Well, exactly what we thought we were going to get from him, but in the streakiest way possible. His season numbers are .259/.305/.434 heading into the KC series, a bit below his .283/.333/.519 slash over the last three seasons. However, another strong month to finish the year, and he will be right there.

Could we see him hit .290 with about 7 HR to finish these final 35 games or so? Yeah, that seems quite reasonable, actually. We could also see .222 and 2 HR. It could go either way.

You know what though? I'm staying positive, and I think that Teoscar Hernandez is finally turning things around, and for good this time.