Prospects Watchlist 40-60, Back To It…


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Of course the all too familiar disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I have said it with all previous incarnations and of course I’ll repeat it now. This is an arbitrary list and there is room for argument just about everywhere and anywhere. But, we’ve done it enough internally and this is what we came up with.

This list is not done professionally. We all freely admit that we are amateurs and that this has been done entirely in recreation and the majority of it was compiled by using information that has been posted elsewhere and is freely available for others to find themselves while incorporating their on field production. I, nor anyone else, is claiming this is a better product than what anyone else has done and it’s most importantly in an effort to give some of these players the credit and recognition they are due in this organization that we love.

And back to it….

41. Tom Wilhelmsen, RHRP, Seattle Mariners (MLB)

Thoughts: Good velocity, limited command, interesting off-speed stuff. He’s really coming on strong the last month, which is certainly a good thing. But, I’m trying to limit my enthusiasim for relief arms which is why he’s so far back.

42. Nate Tenbrink, OF, Jackson Generals (AA)

Thoughts: Above average speed corner outfielder with gap power. My biggest problem was his contact issues. He didn’t drive the ball well this season. But, don’t sleep on him. He’s still an intriguing talent.

43. Jabari Blash, OF, Everett Aquasox (Short-season A-ball)

Thoughts: Serious set of tools and is an awesome athlete, but the off the field issues as well as other intangible concerns knocks him down in my book. I was disappointed to see the organization demote him and then keep him all year in Everett.

44. Alfredo Morales, OF, Pulaski Mariners (SS-Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: Yes, he strike outs. But the walks are incredibly encouraging and he just drove the ball everywhere he went. He’s one to watch closely for next year. He could end up taking a Taijuan-Walker -like step froward.

45. Steven Proscia, 3B, High Desert Mavericks (High-A)

Thoughts: Proscia had a slow start in High Desert producing a wOBA of .281 in 61 July plate appearances.  Then suddenly erupted and put up a wOBA of .405 in 125 August PAs. The two biggest problem I have with what he did is  A) that it’s of course High Desert and B)  he only walked 4 times. The walks were there in college so hopefully they’ll come back around.

46. Stefan Romero, 2B/3B, Clinton Lumberkings (A-Ball)

Thoughts: I thought Romero was under valued among many people coming out of the draft. Good power and a solid hit tool, but with a bit position is an issue. The fact that he played the majority of the year at second is interesting. I kind of wonder if he won’t end up being a Sean Rodriguez type player.

47. Daniel Carroll, OF, High Desert Mavericks (High-A)

Thoughts: It kind of feels like Carroll has been around forever but he’s only 22. Much like a few other outfields Carroll came on strong to start the year, but he kept it up through the majority of the year. The 88 walks is really encouraging but the jump out stat for me is 62 stolen bases. He posted an ISO of .172 against a league average .156 ISO. So I am mildly concerned about his power but he’s a favorite of mine.

48.Ambioris Hidalgo, RHSP, Pulaski Mariners (SS – Rookie ball)

Thoughts: I completely missed on him earlier this season. I’m a bit disappointed with myself. But, that said people are higher on his stuff than the individual stats would point out. I’m on the fence on him at the moment. This is more than anything an obligatory placement. 

49. Yoevis Medina, RHSP, Jackson Generals (AA)

Thoughts:  Few people in my mind lost as much stock as Medina did in my eyes this past summer. Sure he’s still only 22, but being ‘that he was added to 40-man roster last off-season I have to think that his clock is ticking. He is currently on my short list of “out of nowhere” guys that could make the team out of spring training.

50. Stephan Landazuri, LHSP, Everett Aquasox (SS A-ball)

Thoughts: Landazuri is a weird one and I had no clue where to put him. The stats say he’s interesting, other people have been less enthused with his overall skill set. I remain on the fence. He maybe end up being one of those guys that regardless of what the scouting report say he is going to be effective.

51.Scott Savastano, INF, Jackson Generals (AA)

Thoughts: I am a proud card carrying member of the “Cult of Savastano”. I think this guy has a major league bat. Is he a utility guy? Is he a starter? I don’t know. Heck, it seems like the organization really doesn’t know what position he’s is going to play as he’s played just about every position at some time or another and ended up taking a ton of reps a second. We all know that’s not exactly a weak spot within this organization. But, it’s not a bad thing to have a guy that can just hit, regardless of position.

52.Cavan Cohoes, SS, Arizona Mariners (Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: I’ve said it over and over again. This kid is raw. We may never really see outside of Arizona until 2013. But, he’s got skills and he’s someone that once he put things together could be a valuable piece for this franchise moving forward.

53.Cameron Hobson, LHSP, Everett Aquasox (SS – Low A Ball)

Thoughts: It started with Jimmy Gillheeney and it’s continuing with Hobson. I was a huge fan of Hobson entering into the draft.  His FIP was only 2.72 compared to the 4.23 ERA and he put up some interesting K/BB ratios. I’m excited to see what Hobson has.

54.Daniel Paolini, 2B, Pulaski Mariners (SS – Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: Speaking of cult followings, I think Paolini is going to have his. He looks like an under valued asset looking at how he has produced from college to Pulaski. But, let’s see what he does in Clinton before we get too excited.

55.Jamal Austin, CF, Pulaski Mariners (SS – Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: I like Austin, I like him a lot. I have a soft spot for guys that can take a way, have plus speed and are good defenders in center. I think because of their lack of ISO sometimes they are under valued by people. Austin is an exciting guy and should be an interesting guy to watch in the coming years.

56.Mario Martinez, 3B, High Desert Mavericks (High A)

Thoughts: I’ve always had a soft spot for Martinez and while his numbers are pedestrian the guy can field. Jason Churchill has mentioned a few times about possibly moving him to center and I think it would be a fascinating experiment. 

57.Seon Gi Kim, RHSP, Pulaski Mariners (SS – Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: I was a huge fan of Kim coming into the season. He was one of my top sleepers and I thought he was going to lite up Clinton. Alas, he’s 20 and he’s got some time to put it together. 

58.Ji-Man Choi, 1B, Arizona Mariners (Rookie Ball)

Thoughts: Kim’s former battery mate from HS, indicators continue to point that Choi is going to move off position and  that is going to obliterate his value, in my opinoin. I don’t see him as having the bat to stick first base so the question is can he play third or left. Questions, questions, questions. 

59.Gabriel Noriega, SS, Jackson Generals (AA)

Thoughts: If Noriega can just somehow come up with a way not to be a black hole at the plate he could be a very valuable asset. He is likely the best up the middle defender in the organization and I think it shows the organization has faith in him with his promotion to AA. But, he needs to find a way to at least put together something useful at the plate. Otherwise, he really limits what potential there is with the glove.

60.Mike McGee, CF, Clinton Lumberkings (Low-A ball)

Thoughts: Forget about the fact that he’s 23 hitting in a league who’s pitchers age median is 2 years his younger. He put up some interesting and unexpected numbers. I’m not sure if he’ll stick as a defender in center. But he’s definitely an interesting guy to keep a watch on going forward.