Prospect Watch list (cont.) 21-40


So wow, things have been hectic on my side and it’s caused things to go in a bit of a different direction. We had player cards created from 1-20 and Alex did a marvelous job on them. But with real life being… well… insane. We decided to can the cards for now and just go with the names and a mini scouting report.

If you enjoyed the player cards as much as I did make sure you let Alex know. We’ll be doing more with them for the spring watch list.

now as you know this watch list comes with a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I have said it previously with the initial list and I’ll repeat it now. This is an arbitrary list and there is room for argument just about everywhere and anywhere. But, we’ve done it enough internally and this is what we came up with.

This list is not done professionally. We all freely admit that we are amateurs and that this has been done entirely in recreation and the majority of it was compiled by using information that has been posted elsewhere and is freely available for others to find themselves while incorporating their on field production. I, nor anyone else, is claiming this is a better product than what anyone else has done and it’s most importantly in an effort to give some of these players the credit and recognition they are due in this organization that we love.


21) Brandon Maurer, RHSP – High Desert

Scouting Report: While he has shown promise since being drafted in 2008, the improved gripped that he picked up in Australia has really helped and he’s looking like a middle-of-the-rotation pitcher, if he can only stay healthy.

22) Chance Ruffin, RHRP – MLB

Scouting Report: Doesn’t have overpowering velocity but it’s still in the low to mid 90s. He maintains good command of his pitches and flashes a dominating slider coupled with a mediocre change-up. Doesn’t have wow factor but he’s a very solid pitcher.

23) Carlos Peguero, OF – Tacoma

Scouting Report: A familiar story and one that Mariner fans are familar with, huge power, huge contact issues and limited defensive ability. All the same there is potential to be an average major league hitter.

24) Anthony Vasquez, LHSP – MLB

Scouting Report: Had a bit of a slow start in AA, but came back strong and earned a promotion to AAA and then was a little slow but now got another promotion this time to the show. He throws plenty of strikes and loves his change-up. Yes, he may not throw hard but he still is an interesting guy to watch.

25) Carter Capps, RHP – Clinton

Scouting Report: Above average (potential +) velocity with good command. Has the makings of some good off-speed pitches but his mechanics are a bit worrisome. Could be a solid back of the bullpen pitcher.

26) Andrew Carraway, RHP – Jackson

Scouting Report: Sits 89-91 touching 92 with his FB. Decent CB and developing CH. Gets more done with less. There was always a lot of talk about his pitchability during the draft but not much focus on his stuff. I like him just not sold on him as more than a 5th starter.

27) Daniel Cortes, RHP – MLB

Scouting Report:Effort was eased in delivery to help command but still struggles with throwing strikes. Still has a very good 12-6 curve but it’s inconsistent at best. Who knows if he ends up being anything more than just a middle reliever at this point. But the potential still exist for him to become a big league closer.

28) Mauricio Robles, LHP – Tacoma

Scouting Report: I’m starting to see the light when it comes to Robles and the bullpen. He’s still young at 22 and being in AAA it’s encouraging but much like Cortes he doesn’t throw a lot of strikes and despite having +velocity it remains to be seen whether it can be of any use.

29)  Tyler Burgoon, RHP – Clinton

Scouting Report: Overshadowed by Pryor, Burgoon has +velocity and throws strikes. He most likely will be much higher on this list next year. Even has small chance –if everything breaks right– of seeing the big league call towards the end of the year in a September call-up.

30) Jack Marder, C – High Desert

Scouting Report: Maybe my favorite pick of the 2011 draft Marder has the tools to be a solid big league regular. He’s steadily improved his stat line at every stop (Oregon, Cape Cod, High Desert) this year. Great athlete, solid hit tool and average raw power.

 31) Martin Peguero, SS – Arizona

Scouting Report: I’ve heard various reports on his defense at short so far this year that range between bad and simply passing. Ultimately it comes down to be underwhelming though it’s not a huge surprise it was generally thought he’d move off short to either third base or even second in the not to distant future.

32)  Rich Poythress, 1B – Jackson

Scouting Report: I like Poythress. Just a mature hitter with a solid understand of the game and a nice person in general. The thing that I just haven’t been impressed with is his actual physical tools. The raw power is there but the bat speed is over blown, his swing is long and while he understands how to work a count he has trouble with +velocity and advanced breaking balls.

33) John Hicks, C – Clinton

Scouting Report: One of the better catchers in the organization, he’s got solid receiving skills, works well with pitchers. Unfortunately his arm is fringe average. At the plate he’s got above average raw power that will play at Safeco and he makes a lot of contact but he works counts like Miguel Olivo.

34) James Jones, OF – High Desert

Scouting Report:  Everyone always talks up Jones. His tools, his tools, his tools. I get that he has tools but one of these years he’s going to have to produce. He’s got an interesting power/speed combo and with a solid arm and above average defense in right he is a great guy for the system. But I’m still waiting for his “break out” year.

35) James Gillheeney, LHSP – Jackson

Scouting Report: One of my favorites of the system. Someone I like very much as a fit for this organization. He really isn’t much better than probably a fifth starter, but his ability to get strike outs and the fact that Safeco should help suppress his HR/FB ratio, he’s someone to watch out if and when he hits Seattle.

36) Tyler Marlette, C – Pulaski

Scouting Report: I realize I am probably really low on him at this point but his 0/7  (BB:K ratio) in 23 PA showings has helped the skeptic in me. I realize the kids got + power and he’s already pretty good behind the plate. But, he is still raw at the plate.

37) Erasmo Ramirez, RHSP – Tacoma

Scouting Report: As a person he’s friendly and enthusiastic, an all around great guy. His velocity is up and with it his walks. He was sitting 91, 92 and touching 93 when I saw him in April. He doesn’t have a lot going for him outside of his command, mediocre slider and average change-up. Still he’s relatively interesting.

38) Johermyn Chavez, OF – Jackson

Scouting Report: If everyone is going to continue being all over James Jones you have to give Chavez his chance too being the same age and a level higher. Chavez has struggled much more than Jones has at the plate but he has one of -if not the best- arms in all the organization. Chavez doesn’t have all the tools that Jones doesn’t but his power is heads and shoulders above.

39) Carson Smith, RHSP – Unassigned

Scouting Report: I was a big Smith fan during the draft thought he’d be an interesting get with the supplemental 3rd round but then he slipped was an even better value in the 8th round. Working 92-93 with good sink on his fastball (out of the pen he was touching 96 and 97), an above average slider and a working change. A history of shoulder issues will be something to watch going forward.

40) Jordan Shipers, LHSP – Everett

Scouting Report: Last year’s 16th rounder has impressed with his stuff so far in Everett. His fastball works in the low 90s and he has an impressive spike curveball that he uses as his strike out pitch. There is some issues with his lack of command and with 7 WP (tied for second on team) and 2 HBP you can see it’s something he’s going to need to continue working on, but he’s still relatively raw for a 20-year old.