Prospect Watchlist 11-20


This was suppose to go up yesterday but I’m really, really behind everything with heading out on this trip. A little behind the next set of prospect cards. So 21-40 may all just come next Friday. But, who knows maybe I’ll be able to get 21-30 all up on Tuesday… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What is important to remember is that we are going off our own opinions on these and while one person may have a different opinion than us it doesn’t necessarily make us wrong or right and vice versa.

Here is of course the friendly disclaimer…

Disclaimer: I have said it previously with the initial list and I’ll repeat it now. This is an arbitrary list and there is room for argument just about everywhere. But, we’ve done it enough internally and this is what we came up with.

This list is not done professionally. We all freely admit that we are amateurs and that this has been done entirely in recreation and the majority of it was compiled by using information that has been posted elsewhere and is freely available for others to find themselves while incorperating their on field production. I, nor anyone else, is claiming this is a better product than what anyone else has done and it’s most importantly in an effort to give some of these players the credit and recognition they are due in this organization that we love.

Now on with the show!

11) Chih Hsien Chiang, Outfield

Scouting Report: Contact hitter and +hit tool. displaying some good power very little on base skills; Some defensive skills as a corner outfield, a good arm but fringe range.

12) Francisco Martinez, Third Base

Scouting Report: Better raw power and plate approach than stats would reflect. Quick reflects, speed and a good arm could stick in 3B. One or two people have wondered if he’s fit in CF.

13) Blake Beavan, Starting Pitcher

Scouting Report: Pitches all flash average but his ability to locate the FB helps him out a lot. Very hittable off-speed stuff, needs to tighten up the SL and polish the CH

14) Carlos Triunfel, Shortstop

Scouting Report: Making huge strides all around. Good contact ability and finally driving the ball. Questions still on defense but I like the athleticism.

15) Marcus Littlewood, Shortstop

Scouting Report: Good bat speed and understanding of the strike zone. Not a lot results yet but plenty of potential.

16) Stephen Pryor. Reliever

Scouting Report: Big +velocity,decent secondary stuff. Needs to clean up command a bit but on fast track to the big leagues.

17) Bradley Miller, Shortstop

Scouting Report:Solid range at short, but more likely a 2B due to throwing mechanics. Good hit tool, average power possibly above average speed.

18) Josh Lueke, Reliever

Scouting Report: Velo dropped early in the season but he’s starting to regain some of that 2010 luster. Still a potential back of the bullpen option (i.e. a potential closer)

19) Phillips Castillo, Outfielder

Scouting Report: Under the radar season. +Power/hit tool, good speed could potentially play CF but most likely a future corner out fielder.

20) Forrest Snow, Starting Pitcher

B/T: R/R | H/W: 6’6″ – 195  | Age: 22 | Birthplace: Seattle, Washington | Major League Comparison: Matt Morris  | Acquired: Drafted 36th Round (1,092 overall)


Scouting Report:  Saw his velo pick up a few ticks after the draft touching mid-90s sitting 91-93 with a decent SL/CB duo and developing CH w/ Good command of pitches.