Mid-Season 2011 Top-10 Prospects


Well here we go. It’s been 2 months of hard work and there is still work to be done on the back half of the 50 but everyone here at this site has spent a lot of time watching video, writing up reports, giving opinions, arguing doing graphics and it’s finally here.

Our Mid-Season 2011 Top 100 Prospect Watch list.

I can’t say enough about the work that Keith, Alex and Adam have done to help me put this together. It’s been so very helpful and over the top. I couldn’t have put this together without them.

Disclaimer: I said it previously with the initial list and I’ll repeat it now. This is an arbitrary list and there is room for argument just about everywhere. But, we’ve done it enough internally and this is what we came up with.

This list is not done professionally. We all freely admit that we are amateurs and that this has been done entirely in recreation and the majority of it was compiled by using information that has been posted elsewhere and is freely available for others to find themselves. I nor anyone else is claiming this is a better product than what anyone else has done and it’s most importantly in an effort to give some of these players the credit and due that the players in this organization deserve.

Okay with that all said and out of the way here is the Top-10 prospects of our Top-100 watch list. Every Tuesday and Friday we’ll be releasing the next 10 in an effort to drag this out as long as  long as possible while you continue to care less.

Are you read?

1- Taijuan Walker, Starting Pitcher

Scouting Report:  Off-the charts stuff. +Velocity, +FB/CB, developing CH, has good command, #2 stuff right now but potential to be a #1. We’ll see what next year brings.

2- Danny Hultzen, Starting Pitcher

Scouting Report: Throws 3 +pitches (FB,SL,CH) and a decent CB, maintains + command. Has minimum #3 stuff and most people think a very good #2.

*college numbers

3- James Paxton, Starting Pitcher

Scouting Report: +FB/CB combo, more consistenacy needed. He has really started to come on quick of late. Could be a #2 more likely a good #3.

4- Jose Campos, Starting Pitcher

Scouting Report: ++Velocity, +fastball with movement but CB/CH still very much in developmental stages. Reports on command/control say avg but stats indicate otherwise.

5- Nick Franklin, Shortstop

Scouting Report: Athletic and gritty. +work ethic/determination/make-up.Good hit tool but switch hitting in question as is health.

6- Trayvon Robinson, Outfielder

Scouting Report: +Athleticism, good hit tool but contact is an issue. Power is over stated but it’s still there. Could be a good defender in center, but lack of arm may force a move to left.

7- Kyle Seager, 2B/3B

Scouting Report: Great line drive hitter but with limited power, Solid +approach/eye/contact skills. Position is a bit of question but he should be average in the field.

8- Guillermo Pimentel, Outfielder

Scouting Report: ++Raw power and he’s shown it in games. Needs to continue developing approach doesn’t work counts very well. Also, underwhelming defensive tools (arm/range/routes).

9- Vincent Catricala, 1B/DH

Scouting Report: Great hitter, good raw power, above average hit tool, good approach. Lack of position, could end up in the OF or 1B. A lot riding on the bat.

10- Alex Liddi, 3B

Scouting Report: Enough raw power that it will play at Safeco. Even with holes in approach, he still is maturing and there is time for him to improve further. I think his defense is potentially enough to be ML-avg (may already be there) but, probably never better than that.