The "Up the middle" philosophy holds strong.

The Mariners are igniting the post Shohei Ohtani hot stove.
Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Holy cow is a proper Mariners fan reaction to the recent news of the Robbie Ray and Jose Caballero trades. There is so much to analyze in these trades. A former Cy Young winner is being traded for a fan favorite, the salary numbers being exchanged, and the add on of the Mariners making another trade with Tampa Bay, which should become a betting favorite during the MLB offseason. Jerry Dipoto and company have a history of making trades with Tampa Bay.

The Mariners are so strong up the middle. They have a strong core manning all these positions. Starting with switching hitting and defensively strong catcher Cal Raleigh manning the dish. Its not an industry secret the Mariners field a strong pitching staff and after the recent signings the team could actually push for another 2x Cy Young winner. The Mariners have done much this offseason to dump payroll and build a team that can compete. Hopefully, the 2024 Dodgers rerun the 2023 NY Mets and fail for the Mariners sake.

HEY NOW! The Mariners have brought back a fan favorite. However, Mitch Haniger, provides to the up the middle core. Shortstop J.P. Crawford, catcher Cal Raleigh, the outstanding pitching staff, all of this headlined by the young mega star of Julio Rodriguez. This core forms a collection of players fueling the heart of a team, ready to compete. Pieces like Mitch Garver and Mitch Haniger, help that core form into champions.

Much has been said about the Mariners 2024 offseason. However, we welcome an old friend back along with another Mitch to the team to solidify a strong core the Mariners have had all along, but Mariner fans refused to acknowledge.