Bleacher Report names the Mariners as the best landing spot for these 3 players

With a ton of really good players still available, we take a look at a recent Bleacher Report article, where the Mariners were identified as the best landing spot for 3 players on the trade block.

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No. 8 on the list - Jonathan India

Where Bleacher Report hit the nail on the head with the Kepler one (and the next one), this is a huge swing and miss. First of all, Jonathan India checks in at number eight on this list, ahead of guys like Ha-Seong Kim, Christopher Morel, and Jake Cronenworth (all guys I would much rather have on my team).

Jonathan India should not be involved in any sort of Mariners trade discussions. He is a redundant player considering they have a group of Jose Caballero, Dylan Moore and Sam Haggerty. India played in 119 games and put up a 99 wRC+ with 1.2 fWAR. For Comparison Caballero played in only 104 games, with a 96 wRC+, putting up a 2.2 fWAR; Dylan Moore played in only 67 games with a 105 wRC+, and still was able to put up a .7 fWAR. See the point here? I am not even confident that India is an upgrade over either Caballero or Dylan Moore, yet he's scheduled to make $3.2 million in his first year of arbitration.

The other thing with India is that there will be an acquisition cost to get him. It wouldn't cost you Miller or Woo, but I wouldn't even trade Emerson Hancock for him, and I wouldn't be trading anyone out of the bullpen for him either. Heck, I am not even sure I would trade any one of the top 10 prospects in the Mariners system for him. With the limited budget and India making as much as Dylan Moore, adding India would be a huge mistake for the Mariners, as there is a high likelihood, he is a utility infielder and one that puts up a lower fWAR than Caballero, Moore, Rojas and Urias.