Could the Mariners recreate the Cano, Diaz, and Kelenic deal with the Brewers?

On the anniversary of one of the biggest trades in Mariner's history, we look at a potential deal that could look very similar with the Mariners on the other side this time.
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Abbie Parr/GettyImages
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On this day, 5 years ago, the Seattle Mariners traded away Robinson Cano and Edwin Daiz to the New York Mets for Jay Bruce, Anthony Swazak, Gerson Bautista, Jarred Kelenic, and Justin Dunn. The Mariners also paid the Mets $20 million of the remaining $120 million left on Cano's contract. This trade has been one of the rarer trades that I think actually worked out fairly well for both sides.

I don't think this is something the Mariners would ever entertain being on the other end of, a salary dump sure, just look at taking on Geno's contract when they acquired Jesse Winker. There is a huge difference between Geno's contract and what is left on Christian Yelich's contract. But for the sake of it being the anniversary and a fairly fun exercise for me to explore, I gave it my best effort to recreate the trade, but this time with the Mariners taking on the salary dump with the Brewers.