Bleacher Report names the Mariners as the best landing spot for these 3 players

With a ton of really good players still available, we take a look at a recent Bleacher Report article, where the Mariners were identified as the best landing spot for 3 players on the trade block.
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No. 5 on the list - Randy Arozarena

Arozarena checks in at number five on this list from Bleacher Report, he was the number one offensive player on the list, however. Arozarena is arguably the best player the Mariners could realistically acquire, but he will be the most expensive player as well. There is no denying that he would be the second or third best hitter in the Mariners lineup. He would give them a solid corner outfielder, one that you can expect to put up a 20-home run and 20 stolen base season.

Arozarena isn't an expensive player, but for the Mariners with a limited budget, adding his projected $9 million in arbitration, leaves the Mariners a little tight. They would certainly have to trade Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo (unless somehow, they were to swing it with prospects or a three-team trade), and in doing so, you need to still add at least one or two starting pitchers still. Considering the pitching market with Frankie Montas getting $16 million, this might put the Mariners in a bit of a pickle.

"That Arozarena would be an upgrade is a point that doesn't require much in the way of elaboration. With three straight 20-20 seasons in his rearview, the 28-year-old is simply one of the most dynamic offensive players in the business. What's more, he's under club control through 2026. The Mariners would thus have three chances to make the most of his presence in the Pacific Northwest."

Zachary D. Rymer via Bleacher Report

I am all for getting Arozarena, though I don't think the Mariners can financially afford to take on his salary as well as sign another starting pitcher (unless Stanton and ownership change their stance). Like Zachary Rymer stated on Bleacher Report, Arozarena is under control through 2026, giving the Mariners a few chances to make a run with him as part of the core.

Acquiring Arozarena would be tricky, but this might have the biggest impact for the Mariners offense and the Mariners should reach back out to the Rays to see if they could come up with a prospect package to get him to the Pacific Northwest.