Bleacher Report names the Mariners as the best landing spot for these 3 players

With a ton of really good players still available, we take a look at a recent Bleacher Report article, where the Mariners were identified as the best landing spot for 3 players on the trade block.
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No. 13 on the list - Max Kepler

We have talked at nauseum about the Mariners adding Max Kepler (as I have stated numerous times, he is my favorite bat the Mariners could realistically acquire). Kepler just fits this team like a glove, and I am going to keep pushing for the Mariners to make this move. Find any sort of package without dealing Ty France or one of the pitchers and I am sure I will be fine with it, as long as it doesn't involve any of the top 5 prospects or so.

Max Kepler's fit on this team (and park) is undeniable; a power-hitting, "CTZ" type guy, that is an excellent defender and relatively cheap, what more could you ask for? Kepler has averaged 2.7 fWAR over his 7 full seasons (excluding the COVID year). His walk rate (10.1%) and strikeout rate (18.4%) fit perfectly with what Dipoto is trying to do with this lineup.

"But in case anyone wasn't looking, the 30-year-old is back now. Kepler had an .816 OPS and 24 home runs overall this year, and he came out of the season especially hot by way of a .306/.377/.549 slash line and 12 long balls in the second half."

Zachary D. Rymer via Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report hit the nail on the head here by saying, "The Mariners badly need an offensive upgrade in right after the guys they used there ranked 27th with a .680 OPS this year." The corner outfield spots are positions you must get offensive output from, and with Jarred Kelenic and Teoscar Hernandez gone, Kepler would be the idea guy to slot in there to replace that production.