The Mariners dominated these 10 pitchers in 2023, hitting incredibly well against them

It's always fun to remember the offensive explosions, so here are the 10 pitchers that the Mariners hit the best against in 2023
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Astros: Framber Valdez: 3 starts, 15 IP, 6.60 ERA, 20 H, 9 BB, 1.93 WHIP, 11 ER

I feel so much better now. Just fantastic to see an Astros player show up on the list, and spoiler, he won't be the last one. Valdez still had one good start but gave up 3 in 4 innings and 6 in 5 innings in his other two starts. They were responsible for his second-worst start of the season, and it warms my heart to see them putting nearly two runners on per inning across the 15 innings they faced him.

Blue Jays: Alek Manoah: 2 starts, 10.1 IP, 4.35 ERA, 9 H, 8 BB, 5 ER, 1.65 WHIP

Manoah was a wierd dude this year to face. The Mariners didn't score a ton on him, but they sure had a lot of opportunities, and that's why I wanted to list him on here. Add in the 2 HBP, and that's 19 baserunners in 10.1 innings, and you only plated five of them. I'll think about the good over the bad on this one.

Rays: Taj Bradley: 2 starts, 9.2 IP, 8.38 ERA, 15 H, 3 BB, 4 HR, 9 ER, 1.86 WHIP

It makes me feel better to see Bradley on here after listing Littell on the domination list. His second start was better than his first, so let's focus on the bad one. He went just 3.1 innings, allowing ten baserunners and five ER as the Mariners would hold on to win a 7-6 game. He gave up 4 in the good outing, but the bullpen shut the Mariners down. Still nice to see them hit the talented prospect hard both games.