The Mariners dominated these 10 pitchers in 2023, hitting incredibly well against them

It's always fun to remember the offensive explosions, so here are the 10 pitchers that the Mariners hit the best against in 2023
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
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Continuing with the trend of looking at the good after looking at the bad, I wanted to see which pitchers the Mariners absolutely lit up in 2023. There are some really fun names on this list, but shelling a reliever one game doesn't hold the wait as lighting up a starter (unless it's to win a game).

I think I am going to break this one down a little different than I have done with the other articles. This time around, I'm going to apply a filter to each slide, and give you some of the "best" ones that fit that criteria. Who did the Mariners absolutely light up? Who did they have constant success against? Who did they get a ton of baserunners against?

I think those are the categories we are going to look at, as they each tell a story. Let's start with the pitchers that the Mariners did the best against, regardless of innings thrown.

Blue Jays: Nate Pearson: 0.1 IP, 108.00 ERA, 3 H, 1 HBP, 4 ER

It makes it so much better that this happened in relief of a Kevin Gausman start. After six solid innings by Gausman, not pitching great but handing off a 7-4 lead, here is what Pearson did. HBP, pop out, double, single, double, and it's 7-7. Pearson would be pulled, and Yimi Garcia would give up a 2-run double to give the Mariners the 9-7 lead and eventual win.

Orioles: Keegan Akin: 0.2 IP, 81.00 ERA, 6 H, 1 BB, 6 ER, 7 R

Easily his worst outing, and actually 33% of all runs he gave up on the season came in this one outing. He takes over in the top of the 8th, down 6-1. It starts off fine with a double, then a groundout and a lineout. It looks like Akin is about to get out of the inning. Then this happened.
- Walk
- Wild Pitch
- single
- single
- single
- single
- single

Far and away his worst outing of the year and led to the Mariners second largest margin of victory of the season in a 13-1 win.

Cubs: Hayden Wesneski: 1.1 IP, 33.75 ERA, 6 H, 4 BB, 5 ER, 7 R

While you would think this is great, the Mariners would have a pitcher show up from this game in a list made by the Cubs (if they did one). The Mariners had a 7-0 heading to the bottom of the second, and I remember thinking that this was going to be a nice early statement win by the Mariners. Darn you Chris Flexen. By the end of the 3rd inning, the Mariners were down 9-7, and would end up losing the game. To get 10 baserunners in two innings and lose the game hurts. Still does.