The Mariners dominated these 10 pitchers in 2023, hitting incredibly well against them

It's always fun to remember the offensive explosions, so here are the 10 pitchers that the Mariners hit the best against in 2023
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros
Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Yankees: Domingo German: 2 starts, 9.2 IP, 11.17 ERA, 15 H, 5 BB, 5 HR, 12 ER, 2.07 WHIP

Now we get to the fun stuff. These are the guys that the Mariners absolutely hammered this season, and starting off with German seems like a good spot. His fifth-worst start of the year saw the Mariners score 4 in 6.1 innings, with 10 baserunners and just 4 Ks. His worst start though saw the Mariners absolutely tee off, hitting four HRs in 3.1 innings, scoring eight in a 10-2 win.

Royals: Jordan Lyles: 2 starts, 8.0 IP, 14.63 ERA, 15 H, 4 BB, 7 HR, 13 ER, 2.38 WHIP

The Mariners were responsible for the worst and 4th-worst start of Lyles's season. They would score six in five innings against him, tallying nine hits and blasting four homers in a 10-8 win. Just under two weeks later, they would hit three homers for seven runs in just three innings in a devastating 15-3 victory over the Royals.

Orioles: Kyle Gibson: 2 starts, 8.1 IP, 15.2 ERA, 19 H, 5 BB, 4 HR, 14 ER, 2.88 WHIP

Very similar here to Lyles. Worst and 4th-worst starts of the season came against the Mariners. The first was the aforementioned game with Keegan Akin in relief. It started with Gibson giving up five runs in just three innings while allowing ten baserunners. Six weeks later, he would give up 12 hits, two walks, and nine runs across 5.1 innings for his worst outing of the season in a 9-2 Mariners win.

Astros: Hunter Brown: 2 starts, 5.2 IP, 17.47 ERA, 16 H, 5 BB, 11 ER, 3.71 WHIP

Perfection. His worst and 3rd-worst start of the season came against the Mariners. On July 7th, the Mariners scored five in three innings, notching eight hits and walking three times while somehow striking out eight times as well. Then, about six weeks later, they had eight hits once again while walking twice, this time scoring six in just 2.2 innings against Brown.

I feel like I'm in a happy place after this article. remembering all those good times of the Mariners absolutely rocking opposing pitching puts me in a good mindset. I hope it did for you, too!