STEAMER sees Julio Rodriguez pushing for his best offensive season so far

Julio Rodriguez has been a stud since being called up to the Mariners, and STEAMER sees him pushing for his best offensive season yet
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners
Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Few things in baseball are more exciting than watching Julio Rodriguez. Seeing that your team has made back-to-back trades when you only got one sentence into your article is up there, though. Go check those out if you want, but for now, we are looking at the STEAMER projections for Julio Rodriguez next season.

Julio has had an incredible start to his career, posting some of the best seasons in Mariners history. In 2022, he won Rookie of the Year while carrying the Mariners to the playoffs. Then, in 2023, he had one of the best months we have ever seen while tallying a MLB record 17 hits over a 4-game stretch.

STEAMER thinks that he is once again going to have a pretty good year. Check out the stats from the last two seasons, and then the projections for 2024.

2022 - 132 G, .284/.345/.509, 28 HR, 25 SB, 84 R, 75 RBI, 5.4 fWAR, 33.1 oWAR, 0.4 dWAR
2023 - 155 G, .275/.333/.485, 32 HR, 37 SB, 102 R, 103 RBI, 5.9 fWAR, 29.4 oWAR, 5.1 dWAR
2024 - 150 G, .282/.346/.512, 33 HR, 31 SB, 102 R, 95 RBI, 5.6 fWAR, 31.7 fWAR, 1.2 dWAR

I love seeing that they have Julio as having another dominant season very much in line with his previous 2. He is only 23, so it's hard to fathom exactly what kind of season Julio could have if he puts it all together (cough Ronald Acuna cough), but the ceiling seems limitless. STEAMER has him tying a career high in runs, setting a high in homers, setting a high in OBP and SLG! With those trades the Mariners made, maybe they'll be more opportunities for Julio to be involved in runs crossing the plate.

STEAMER is projecting a darn good season from Julio, and I love it. The 80th percentile from ZiPS has him as a 7.0 WAR player, and that falls in line with my bold prediction that Julio has greater than 28 WAR total over the next 4 seasons. Let's just hope it starts with these STEAMER projections, and that Julio leads the Mariners once again for the 2024 season.