Julio Rodriguez is only 22, and he keeps breaking MLB records

Every time we look at the TV or listen to the radio, it seems like Julio Rodriguez is breaking another record and doing something we haven't seen in 100 years... and that's not embelishing

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners / Stephen Brashear/GettyImages

Julio Rodriguez is playing like a man possessed right now. It seems like every week, we are seeing some sort of stat that involves Julio Rodriguez either doing something that has never been done before, or hasn't happened in 100 years.

Let's start with the "weakest" records he has been tying. Julio had 28 hits over the last 10 games, tying a mark set by Kenny Lofton back in 1997. Go back a bit, and Julio had 4 straight 4+ hit games, tying a mark with Milt Stock from 1925. Oh, and he set the record for that span with a total of 17 hits. Yeah, something that had never been done in history. He was also the first player since 1900 to have FIVE four-hit games over a ten game stretch.

He is hustling his tail off too to get there. Check it.

"Monday marked the second time in the past 12 days that Rodríguez had a four-hit game with two extra-base hits and two infield hits. He is the only player with multiple such games in a year over the past 20 seasons, and the only Mariners player with even one such game over that span."

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Think about that. Julio is the only player in the last 20 seasons to have multiple games with 4 hits, with two being XBH and two being infield hits. No Mariners player has done that over that span. Julio did it over a 12 day period.

Oh, he also now leads the American League in hits with a Batting Average of .286. I don't know if this is a record, but why not, let's just say it is. Heading into the August 16th game, Julio was hitting .256. 10 games later, and he is hitting .286. That's an impressive jump to make in May, when you are just passing 100-150 ABs. This is the back half of August, and Julio already had 488 ABs. Just how good did he do over that stretch?

28 for 47, 4 2B, 5 HR, 7 SB, 12 R, 16 RBI, .596/.628/.1000.


That's a line that people would struggle to get in slow pitch softball. Yes, here is a 22-year-old doing it for a team that is one of, if not the, hottest in baseball and taking the division lead this over this late in the season for the first time since... well, since Julio was in diapers possibly. It was 2003.

Julio just keeps breaking records, and the Mariners are on the cusp of their most wins ever in a month in their history. They've never won 21 games in a month, yet here they sit with two more home games against the worst team in baseball, and Julio is leading the way.

Remember when people were worried about the sophomore slump with Julio? How he was hitting .204/.280/.376 through the Mariners first 46 games, and they were 22-24. Since then, he is destroying baseballs, hitting .328/.380/.537. The Mariners are 53-32 since that date.

Julio Rodriguez just keeps breaking records, and he is only 22. Folks... I think he is just getting started.