Should Mariners fans trust John Stanton's latest comments?

It is time that Stanton and Mariners ownership open the pocketbook, and according to the man in charge, they might just do that at this year's trade deadline.
St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners
St. Louis Cardinals v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Mariners' owner, John Stanton, is constantly pressing his nose into Mariners news. I get it, he owns the team, so he has the right to talk about them. But in previous instances, his comments have done nothing but anger fans. Comments about the financial situation of this team (even though they have shown to be one of the more profitable teams in baseball), constantly dominated an offseason that was full of optimism and should have included spending and significant upgrades to a team ready to push from playoff hopefuls to World Series hopefuls.

After an offseason that saw a few large contracts shed in salary dumps, along with minimal spending in free agency, the team actually looked like they were in a better spot. No thanks to Stanton, however, as Dipoto and Hollander navigated this offseason masterfully (even if the offense is struggling thus far).

Will John Stanton actually open the checkbook?

As we sit here just under two months from the trade deadline, rumors are swirling. Will the Mariners take on a big-name player like Vladimir Guerrero Jr. or Bo Bichette? Are the Mariners willing to part with some of the top prospects for an impact bat, even if it is for a rental? Do they (Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander) have the necessary financial support to make a move for someone carrying a larger salary, or will the Mariners have to dump salary first?

These are all questions that will come up during the trade deadline and some, we may never know the answer to. But in a recent interview with the Seattle Times, Mariners owner, John Stanton says that he expects the Mariners to win the AL West and that the team has the resources needed to improve this ballclub.

Stanton stating that the team will have the necessary resources to do what they need to do is no surprise, but it's time that they put their money where their mouth is. Mariners fans are tired of the bait and switch and want to see this team open up the salary to compete with the division rivals. The Astros currently have a team salary of $249M (3rd in baseball) while the Rangers' $233M salary is fifth in baseball. Fans just want a Mariners payroll that is competitive with the top 10 teams in the game. They just want to know that ownership truly cares about winning a World Series and not building a 90-win team while making as much money as possible.

There is no better year to go all-in as things seem to be lining up perfectly for the Mariners. For starters, the pitching is on a historic run and looks like an all-time unit this year, while the offense needs some serious help (as options could be plenty at the deadline). Not to mention that the defending World Series Champion, Texas Rangers, and perennial AL West favorite, Houston Astros, are both scuffling and sit below .500.

Mariners' fans want to believe Stanton and his comments about his desire to win the AL West and a World Series, but until the actions match up with the statements, it's hard for Mariners fans to take it for more than anything but lip service.