The Mariners' pitching staff is in the midst of a historic stretch never seen before

The Mariners' pitching staff is doing something literally never seen before in the history of baseball
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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With just one night left in April, we sit here looking at the Mariners atop the AL West. They're coming off of a spectacular walk-off win against the Braves, saving what was an embarassing night for the offense up to that point. It's not the offense that I want to talk about (no one wants to talk about this offense right now), but the pitching staff.

The Mariners starting pitching is literally doing stuff never seen before in the history of baseball. It's so good, it would be hard to replicate on a video game, that's how ridiculous it is. Let's jump right in and start looking at some of the wild things that they have been doing so far.

The Mariners' starting rotation has become record-breaking

Over the last 17 starts, the Mariners' starting rotation has allowed 18 earned runs. Think about that for a minute. Just barely over a run per start by the starters. This isn't just something like what the Rays have done in the past where you are throwing a bunch of openers out there, either. Over that stretch, the Mariners' starters have all gone six innings, outside of the 5 innings by Kirby in Colorado and the 4 innings by Miller in Texas.

That's 15 Quality Starts (6 IP or more, 3 ER or less) through those 17 games. Teams are lucky to get 15 Quality Starts in a month. It led to a 15-game run with a team ERA of 1.47, the lowest since the Guardians' historic 22-game win streak back in 2017.

Even better, over the last 12 games, the Mariners have an ERA of 1.26, giving up just 15 earned runs in 107 innings as a team. They also have a WHIP of .813 over that time, allowing just 57 hits.

The Mariners are the FIRST TEAM IN MLB HISTORY to record 15 straight starts with no more than two Earned Runs and more than four strikeouts... and have now done so for 17 straight outings. Check out each starters ERA over that time frame.

Luis Castillo - 1.89 ERA
George Kirby - 1.00 ERA
Logan Gilbert - 1.32 ERA
Bryce Miller - 1.54 ERA
Emerson Hancock - 2.00 ERA

The bullpen has been putting in work too. Every current member of the Mariners' bullpen has an ERA under 3.00. Think about that for a second, while realizing that 2 of the Mariners' best relievers haven't even pitched this year in Gregory Santos and Matt Brash.

Gabe Speier - 0.84 ERA
Trent Thornton - 1.54 ERA
Tyson Miller - 1.59 ERA
Cody Bolton - 1.80 ERA
Andres Munoz - 2.64 ERA
Tayler Saucedo - 2.70 ERA
Ryne Stanek - 2.70 ERA
Brett de Gues - 2.70 ERA
Austin Voth - 2.84 ERA

Tyson Miller has thrown in five games and 5.3 innings, with de Gues throwing four games and 3.1 innings. Everyone else on that list has already thrown 10+ innings, so it's not like it's a bunch of spot relievers. The top six on the list also have a BAA of less than .200. They lead the league with a 2.42 ERA, a 1.02 WHIP, and are third in BAA at .192.

The run is going to come to an end sometime, as all great and historic things inevitably do. Let's take time to appreciate what the Mariners' staff has been doing, and how impressive it truly is.