What just happened? The Mariners traded Eugenio Suarez for nothing!

I've been one of the bigger defenders of the Mariners front office. Usually, I can see what they are going for. If nothing bigger happens from the Eugenio Suarez trade to the Diamondbacks, I can't defend this at all.

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Oh, man. If you thought I was upset after the Luis Urias trade where the Mariners further weakened their bullpen when they traded away Isaiah Campbell to the Red Sox, that doesn't even hold a candle to this. The Mariners have traded away Eugenio Suarez to the Diamondbacks.

What did they get back? You would think that the Mariners would be looking to improve their offense, right? Maybe a deal that nets you Alek Thomas or Christian Walker in return. The Mariners window is opening, so they would be smart to push it open further and make the team immediately better, right?

The Mariners traded Eugenio Suarez for no immediate value, and it sucks

The Mariners got a backup catcher in Seby Zavala and a young reliever with command issues in Carlos Vargas. That means that they now have three catchers with Cal Raleigh and the other recently acquired Blake Hunt. Vargas comes in to the bullpen, as I'm assuming they're hoping that his nasty slider will play and they can figure out the control a bit.

Here's the problem. Geno is good. He was great at defense last year and can still hit, although he does have a strikeout problem. You could've just brought back Tom Murphy as a backup catcher, and then spent minimal money on one of the plethora of low-cost relievers. Then, you could send Geno somewhere and actually get something of value in return.

Instead, this move arguably doesn't help the Mariners whatsoever, and instead, makes them worse. You're getting rid of a clubhouse leader for nothing that can help you at the big league level without a lot of associated risk.

If nothing else happens after this as additions to the team, it could go down as one of the worst offseasons in the history of the team, and it's not stretching the truth. You've lost your power hitting right fielder, weakened your bullpen for a UTIL guy, and traded away your third baseman who is pretty darn good. If that ends up being what happens, I will be furious for a long time.

The hope, the only hope, is trusting in Dipoto. He never makes just a move, or even two. Things are always connected. Let's hope this is like running the ball into a brick wall a lot to set up the play action TD pass later in the game. If we get a big bat that we are able to sign from dumping Geno's contract (or even two bats... please!) then things will be right once again in the world.

If not, this is awful, and it's a really rough day to be a Mariners fan.