MLB The Show 2024 is here, so let's dive into some early Mariners franchise ratings!

Early Mariners Franchise ratings are out for MLB The Show 24. Lets explore the top 5 Mariners heading into the 2024 edition of the game
Seattle Mariners Photo Day
Seattle Mariners Photo Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

March is a month that brings excitement to baseball fans. Spring training is in full swing, teams are filling out rosters, and finalizing those last spots on the 26-man roster. A major flash point of excitement however is the release of the wildly popular video game, MLB The Show.

In the making since 2006, MLB The Show has provided fans with the ability to become the Owner, General Manager, or even their own player in the game. This year’s rendition of the game is even providing a new dynamic, “Women Pave Their Way”. This new wrinkle in the game will allow players to create and play as a female baseballer. Outside of this new feature, early Franchise ratings for players dropped. Let's explore the top five for our beloved Seattle Mariners.

MLB The Show has early rankings out, and Julio Rodriguez leads the way

Coming at little to surprise to anyone, Julio Rodriguez leads off the top 5 list. With a 93 overall ranking and 95 power vs LHP to go along with 92 speed, Julio should be a key cog to build your Mariners franchise with this year. Leading all Mariners pitchers is Luis Castillo, with an 88 OVR being anchored by a H/9 of 81 and fastball control of 85. As the Ace of the staff, Castillo will pair with George Kirby. Kirby sports an 85 OVR. Sadly, Kirby's stats haven't been released yet. Supporting Castillo and Kirby out of the bullpen we have Andres Munoz with an 84 overall.

Rounding out the top 5 is fan favorite, Cal "Big Dumper" Raleigh with an 84 OVR. Big Dumper provides some thump with 94 power vs RHP while sporting a solid glove at 81 fielding. That power is a massive addition to any lineup.

The early ratings for the Mariners give fans of the team a solid base to build their franchise around. An 85 overall and higher in the game puts a player in the diamond tier. J-Rod, La Piedra, and George Kirby all earned a diamond rating. Andres Munoz and Big Dumper just missed out on the honor. However, as the season progresses, both players could push themselves into the tier as the game sports live updates to the roster. It will be interesting to see where the likes of Logan Gilbert, J.P. Crawford, Matt Brash, and even Gregory Santos fall in the ratings pecking order. My guess is they will all be in the low 80's to high 70's.

This year's iteration of The Show should prove to field a solid Seattle Mariners team. It will be fun to build the team into a World Series contender in the game, making all the moves we would have liked to see Jerry Dipoto and company make. Hopefully full player ratings for the roster come out soon. Hope everyone enjoys this year's game and all it has to offer from "Road to the Show" to "Diamond Dynasty" and everything in between.