Mariners fans will be jacked up after MLB reveals Julio Rodriguez’s Top-100 ranking

With the MLB 100 rankings out, Mariners fans are going to be excited to see where Julio Rodriguez ended up being ranked
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
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Heading into the 2024 season, I think there were a few expectations that nearly all fans could agree on, at least in Mariners' fandom. That the team had a nasty 3-headed bullpen (if healthy), that the rotation was insanely good, and that the team was fronted by and lead by one of the 10 best players in baseball.

When the MLB came out with their top 100 rankings for the 2024 season, they ended up agreeing. They placed Julio Rodriguez in the top 10, slotting him as the 10th-best player in baseball heading into the upcoming season.

Julio Rodriguez is a top-ten player for 2024

Making the top 10 is an incredible accomplishment, and one that we as fans should be excited about, and that Julio Rodriguez should be proud of. With how exciting he is to watch and the ceiling that he has, 10 might seem a bit low to some people. However, when you take a look at everyone ahead of him, it can be hard to argue against it.

1. Ronald Acuna JR
2. Mookie Betts
3. Aaron Judge
4. Shohei Ohtani
5. Freddie Freeman
6. Corey Seager
7. Juan Soto
8. Yordan Alvarez
9. Gerrit Cole

Think of all the awards and accolades that are sitting there in front of Julio from his #10 ranking. It's an incredible list of baseball players, and one that probably seems right if we are looking at it from the scope of players heading into 2024. If it's changed to who you want going forward, then it instantly becomes a different list, and Julio would easily be a top-5 if not top-3 because of his age.

It's such a great platform for the Mariners and Julio, and one that can help the team build. You have one of the faces of the game, someone who has already done incredible things. Rookie of the Year, two All-Star games, Two Silver Sluggers, a 7th and 4th place finish in MVP, and the insane HR derby performances. Plus, don't forget the 30/30 season, which is always plain fun to look at.

He's entering his age-23 season, and it gives the Mariners something that very few teams have. A superstar that is locked down for his career, and someone who can, potentially, bring other names to Seattle. "Hey, it's down to Team X and Seattle with the same offer, but I can play with Julio? Yeah, let's do that."

Julio Rodriguez has made it into the top 10 for 2024, and Mariners fans should be excited about it. Here's looking to another fantastic season from the Mariners superstar.