Julio Rodriguez is Embarking on a Quest to be Seattle Mariners’ Patrick Mahomes

Julio Rodriguez is embarking on a quest to bring a world championship to the Seattle Mariners, just like Patrick Mahomes did for the Chiefs.
Julio celebrates with the trident after a home run against the Rangers
Julio celebrates with the trident after a home run against the Rangers / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Since entering the league, Patrick Mahomes has been the NFL’s brightest star. Winning MVPs and Super Bowls has been his brand, and this year has been no different. Mahomes is back in the big game again, ready to take the Chiefs to yet another Super Bowl Title. 

Seattle may have a budding superstar of our own, and his name is Julio Rodriguez. The 23-year-old phenom recently finished in the top 5 in AL MVP voting in just his second season, after ending the Mariners' playoff drought as a rookie. He is a dynamic and exciting player with all the tools in the world to become a superstar.

Julio Rodriguez could lead the Mariners like Patrick Mahomes has for the Chiefs

Before Mahomes arrived at Kansas City, the Chiefs were not a big brand. Now, they are arguably the biggest brand in the sport, spearheaded by an army of Taylor Swift-obsessed teenagers. Julio, with his electric energy and incredible talent, could similarly take Seattle from a mid-market team to a major powerhouse. He gets kids excited about Mariners baseball, gives every fan something to cheer for, and is one of the MLB’s most marketable superstars.

Julio has already broken the drought, he’s already won awards, played in All-Star Games, and won playoff games. This year, he’ll be embarking on a quest to bring home a trophy to Seattle, the first in franchise history. It won’t be easy, but the path to a trophy never is. Just as Mahomes had to get through Tom Brady and the evil empire in New England, Julio will need to get through the rival Astros, and a stacked ‘evil empire’ Yankee team featuring Juan Soto and Aaron Judge. That won’t be easy, but Julio has proven himself just as talented as anyone in the MLB.

Only time will tell if Julio and the Mariners will finally capture that elusive first world championship, but one thing is for certain: Julio will work his butt off to help this team get there. And that alone is worth cheering for. Julio is a star, and the Mariners will be enjoying his talent for years to come.