MLB Opening Day Power Rankings are out: Mariners come in at #9, and it feels right

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Regular Season is approaching quickly, and the Mariners will be kicking off their season on March 30th against the Cleveland Guardians in Seattle. With the season so close, it inevitably means that Power Rankings are here as well.

It's always fun to look at, even if it is just, essentially, fan service that has almost no meaning on anything. The beginning of the year is fun though, as it can give a decent idea of where pundits and those involved in the game (or that at least cover it) think that the teams are going to finish. Heading into the article, I expected the Mariners to be somewhere around 10th in the rankings.

The Mariners start the year at 9th in the Power Rankings

This feels right to me. It scares me a bit cause it feels spot on. Take a look at the teams ahead of them. It can be a bit tough when you are comparing to the National League, but here's how it breaks down.

1. Astros
2. Braves
3. Padres
4. Dodgers
5. Mets
6. Yankees
7. Blue Jays
8. Phillies

The one that I don't really agree with is the Blue Jays. Of course, that probably means that they will start hot, and be 15-5 or something over their first 20 games. All those National League teams are probably better than the Mariners on paper before we start playing any games. Telling me that the Mariners are the 4th best team in the AL? Yeah, it does sound about right.

Behind them, you have the Cardinals, Rays, and Guardians, in descending order. The Rays are always good and are probably the best-run organization in baseball at putting top-level talent on the field regardless of how small their payroll is. Are the Mariners better than these teams? It's close, but it does make sense at this time.

The Guardians are going to be a fun team to watch with some of their additions and growth, and we get a potential postseason matchup to start the season when they come to Seattle. Shane Beiber v Luis Castillo? Yes please.

Where do you think the Mariners should be ranked? Does 9 seem too low? Is it too high? Or do you agree that its just right? Let us know, and let's get ready for some Mariners baseball!