MLB Insider links Mariners to one of this year's biggest trade deadline names

It is seeming more likely everyday *insert fingers crossed emoji* that the Mariners are going to make a big move at the deadline to acquire offensive help
Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals
Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals / Ed Zurga/GettyImages

We are in prime trade season! The talks and rumors are flooding everyone's timelines...and it's wonderful. This time of year, has everyone dreaming of what their team will look like. Will the Mariners add another elite player like when they added Luis Castillo? Will they both buy and sell like they did at the 2023 trade deadline (let's hope not).

As all of the issues with the Mariners' offense arise (along with an injury to their hottest bat), they will likely be linked to pretty much every bat available (this seems like it happens every year). We refresh our timelines hoping to see an MLB Insider link the Mariners to a certain slugger, or possibly even that the Mariners "are in trade talks" for such and such player. If you are like me, you turn on notifications for all of the big-time insiders hoping to get the good news.

Jon Heyman has the Mariners linked to Luis Robert Jr.

A tidbit of good news was given to Mariners fans today as MLB Insider Jon Heyman linked the Mariners to White Sox slugger, Luis Robert Jr., as a potential suiter. This seems obvious but hearing it from someone in the know is good news this early in the trade deadline process.

Mariners' fans just got a good look at the 26-year-old slugger as he and the White Sox visited T-Mobile Park. They got to see a majestic blast off of Logan Gilbert that went mid-way up the upper deck, dreaming about watching this guy do that, but in a Mariners uniform. Robert is going to be one of the most coveted bats on the market and adds instant star power to pair with Julio Rodriguez, Cal Raleigh, JP Crawford and one of the best rotations in baseball.

Robert will not be cheap, as we have talked about before. He will certainly cost you multiple top prospects, and to some, that is a price worth paying, while others disagree. No matter what side you are on, acquiring a bat like Robert would be a massive addition and seems even more likely after the news Mariners fans were given today.