Is now the time to try and extend Mariners' star catcher Cal Raleigh?

Cal Raleigh is one of the best catchers in Mariner's history. Should Seattle make him a Mariner for life?
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Will the Mariners sign Cal Raleigh to an extension?

It is going to be tough. We all know that Cal is a Scott Boras client, and Boras does not like to sign extensions. Typically, Boras clients make their way to free agency to get the most money possible, which is great. These guys should go get their bag. You never know what game will be your last, so make all the money you can while you can.

The only positive thing in the Mariners favor when it comes to a Raleigh extension is how Scott Boras handled this last offseason with the "Boras 5". Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, J.D. Martinez, and Matt Chapman were all expected to make sign big deals. Some of these guys did not even sign until Spring Training or well after Spring Training had begun, and none of them signed what they were projected to sign for. While projections are just that, projections, Scott Boras came out of the 2023 offseason with egg on his face. Could that happen with Cal Raleigh? Who knows.

What would an extension look like for Cal Raleigh?

Should Cal make it to free agency, and give the same level of production he has given throughout his career, he very well could be the highest paid catcher in baseball. Right now, the highest paid catcher is the Philidelphia Phillies catchet J.T. Realmuto at $23.1M. Then Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals at $20.5M, and it trickles down from there.

As of writing this, the Mariners only have roughly $104M committed to the 2025 payroll. Signing Cal to a $20-25M per year deal would not break the bank for ownership. The only player making more than $20M a season is Luis Castillo at $24.15M, then it is Julio Rodriguez at $19.912M. Should Cal be in the ballpark of 20-25M on a 5-6 year deal, the Mariners have to make that happen. Maybe he would get more in free agency, but maybe he doesn't. Cal is a perfect fit for the Mariners, warts and all. In another market, maybe he is not as valuable. Either way, the Mariners need to make sure Cal is a Mariner for life.

As always, Go Mariners!