Is now the time to try and extend Mariners' star catcher Cal Raleigh?

Cal Raleigh is one of the best catchers in Mariner's history. Should Seattle make him a Mariner for life?
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
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Cal Raleigh: Off the field

Cal's reach extends beyond the field here in Seattle. After the disappointing end to the 2023 season, Cal took ownership of the team coming up just short.

"“It was tough. It was a tough pill to swallow because all the guys in that clubhouse, they put their heart and soul into it. They sacrifice so much every day … and to come up one game short, two games short, it really hurts. It hurts everybody, the fans included. It stinks. And it’s something that we have to remember this offseason and we have to try to make those adjustments. As players and leaders in this clubhouse, we have to get better. We understand that we need to take the next step.”"

Cal Raleigh

He has also made comments about the front office at the end of the 2023 season as well: “I think we’ve done a great job of growing some players here and within the farm system, but sometimes you got to go out and you have to buy and that’s just the name of the game,” Raleigh said. “We’ll see what happens this offseason, hopefully we can add some players and become a better team.” He isn't wrong here. Cal is a leader in the clubhouse, especially after Dipoto and Hollander traded away other leaders in the offseason.

Earlier this year, the Mariners celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Buhner buzz cut night" by bringing the promotion back. If you come and shave your head before the game, you got a free ticket to the game. One current Mariner volunteered to get his head shaved by The Bone himself. Who was it? Cal Raleigh. When Mariners manager Scott Servais was asked about it, he summed it up in just three words. "He's a Mariner".