Here are the Seattle Mariners Ratings for MLB the Show 23

Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres
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Mariners MLB the Show 23 Franchise Team Rankings

If you saw earlier in the month, the San Diego Studios stream (the game creators) had Robert Flores on to host an early ratings reveal stream, showing a handful of ratings from each team. We get started with once again showing the team's overall rating, and how it breaks down across different categories.

Overall - 11th
Pitching - 11th
Contact - 21st
Power - 9th
Defense - 17th
Speed - 27th

I know that, as a fan, we all think our teams should be rated higher. But come on, there is no way this team is 27th in speed. I know guys like France, Raleigh, and Suarez aren't going to steal bases. However, the team was 16th in steals last year and has only gotten faster. We should see more ABs from Kelenic, Wong is now on the team, and Moore and Haggerty showed that they can easily swipe bags. Plus, some kid named Julio. I'm not saying they should be 10th, but 15th-20th seems right here.

Same with Defense. You know, from the team that had the 3rd fewest errors in baseball and was T-2nd for best fielding percentage. I'm not saying they should be 3rd, but 8-12th seems reasonable. I'll even give them 11th on pitching, because the 5th starter is in question, and the bullpen is less proven than some of the other top ones.

Overall, 11th is probably right. Power at 9th seems right, so does contact at 21st, even though I was expecting 15th-18th. It does seem odd that a team averaging 17 across their ratings would be ranked 11th overall... but Franchise mode has struggled a bit to hold up to reality, which you can see when you dive into the player ratings.