Early Ratings revealed for some of the Mariners in MLB the Show 23

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

I'm a big fan of MLB the Show. It's probably my favorite game that comes out every year, and one that I always pre-order and have on my calendar. 9 PM hits (for us West Coasters) and I start the game right away. The game is coming out at the end of March, and you can either get it March 28th as a normal order, or four days early on the 24th (again, 9 PM on the 23rd on the West Coast) if you pre-ordered it.

With it being a couple of weeks out, you may be wondering why you're seeing an article about it here at the beginning of March. Well, it just so happens that San Diego Studios had a stream up on Twitch on March 8th that was hosted by Robert Flores where they went over some early ratings for some of the players. That interests me immensely, and I am confident in thinking that there are some of you out there who it piques the interest of as well.

Early Ratings are out for some of the Mariners in MLB the Show 23

A big reminder, they didn't go through every rating. We will have those once the game comes out, and it's actually the first thing I will do, so you should be able to see them around 10 PM on the 23rd of March. For now, we get to who they covered on the stream, and this is only the offline stuff, which you would see in something like Franchise Mode, and NOT Diamond Dynasty.

It started off with Flores and guest host, The Kid Mero, as they started going over the divisions. Unfortunately for Mariners fans, they started with the East, then the Central, and finished with the West. Once they got there, we saw that the Mariners were ranked 11th Overall. They were also 11th in pitching, 21st in contact, 9th in power, 17th in defense, and 27th in speed. I take issue with the speed one, and likely the pitching one as well. They should both be higher.

He went through and highlighted some specific Mariners ratings as well. Luis Castillo has 87 stamina and 73 break on his circle change. They also brought up one of his SP mates, Logan Gilbert. He comes in with 85 stamina and 80 4-seamer control. Those are probably right, as both guys show the ability to go 6 IPs constantly. They also brought up Cal Raleigh, and Big Dumper mashes RHP with 94 power and 90 Fielding.

Then, they highlighted the top 5 Mariners this year in MLB the Show. Get ready to get mad. Julio Rodriguez at 89, Teoscar Hernandez at 88, Luis Castillo at 88, Andres Munoz at 86, and AJ Pollock at 82. What in the world are they thinking putting Pollock at an 82, and ranking him above guys like Gilbert, Wong, Suarez, or France? He's an aging platoon guy who will only see LHP, and that just seems like a lazy and dumb rating.

Munoz also showed up in the top 5 fastest pitches in the game, with Munoz coming in at 3rd at 100.2 mph. That's probably right, and Jhoan Duran tops the list at 100.8 mph. Munoz is gonna be nasty in the game and should be a lot of fun for anyone who uses him.

Make sure to stay tuned here at Sodo Mojo for anything MLB the Show 23 related. I love the game and will post anything relevant to the Mariners on here. Go Ms!