Emerson Hancock has been doing well lately. Has he turned himself into a worthy starter?

Mariners starting pitching is currently on an historic run. The offense has been bad though. Is Emerson Hancock the answer for a World Series berth.
Atlanta Braves v Seattle Mariners
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Emerson Hancock is making these articles harder to write. A former first round pick, picking up big league experience, and living up to expectations? Emerson is doing a fine job, and he has regained that prospect shine, after some rough early years. His only question is Bryan Woo. At this point in the season, Hancock has been a Woo. Hancock has been the first round pick Mariners fans expected.

So should the Mariners trade Emerson Hancock? The early answer is no, but how does the Mariners' leadership feel? Do they like Bryan Woo over Hancock? Emerson Hancock was even a recent feature of mine to be traded. Don't get me wrong I love Emerson, but I also suffer from prospect love. Emerson Hancock is for real.

Emerson Hancock is doing it. He is providing solid starting pitching and when healthy will only get stronger. This puts the Mariners in a tough spot. They could trade Woo or Hancock for a bat. Let Woo light up the Minors and keep the prospect shine. Plus, Woo has MLB experience. Woo provides a strong trade piece for the Mariners. Hancock provides the same.

Bryce Miller has cemented himself as the fourth starter in the Mariners rotation. But given early season results he would be a 2/3 type starter on most teams. The Mariners have a glutton of riches at the starting pitcher position. Emerson Hancock has proven himself on the Mariners rotation which should prove himself on any other rotation in baseball. If the Mariners dump Hancock for Woo they have a decent trade chip in the future.

This weeks series against the Twins is a real litmus test for young Emerson. Facing off against one of the top teams in MLB will set the stage for Hancock and make the decision to send him down to the Minors when Bryan Woo comes back a hard one for Jerry and Justin to make as it could impact the chemistry of the team, something Jerry has fumbled in the past.