An early trade could make sense for Mariners' even at the expense of a division rival

Josh Rojas has been great early in the season, but can the Mariners expand his role with this trade ro bring in a third baseman from a division rival.
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It's early May and the Mariners are in first place in the AL West. With a historic run by the pitching staff keeping the Mariners afloat early, a playoff run is not out of the question for the 2024 Mariners. The offense has been a struggle. After spending the offseason looking to cut down on strikeouts, the offense is still striking out at an alarming rate. With Bryan Woo coming back soon, could the Mariners make a trade to help bolster the offense? Even if it helps an AL West Rival?

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Alex Bregman, a man in a contract year, has not performed up to standard to start the season. With the Astros sitting in the cellar of the AL West going into May, it's worth looking at the situation. The Mariners need some offense and Bregman has been an All-Star caliber player in his career. The Astros are in need of pitching and the Mariners have a piece to trade, Emerson Hancock. Bryan Woo is coming back soon and seems to be in the franchise's good graces, getting the call to the Bigs before Hancock.

Josh Rojas has been good this season for the Mariners, making Luis Urias a non-factor. The best part about Rojas is he can spell most spots in the infield and still provide a solid bat. Adding Alex Bregman in a trade for Emerson Hancock allows Rojas to be the prime utility man in the lineup. Bregman would take over starting duties at third base but allow Rojas to fill shortstop, second, third, and outfield corners. This is important because Dylan Moore is on the team, and can also fill almost every position on the field.

An early season trade of Emerson Hancock for Alex Bregman makes sense. The Mariners can bring in a proven veteran, who is slumping but could provide an All-Star performance, and the Astros get young starting pitching with Major League experience. It's rough to trade with a team in your division but this trade could push the Mariners over the edge as they gain a player who has been there and done that.