Bleacher Report thinks the Mariners could fill two holes in their lineup, and get cash, for Bryan Woo.

Bleacher Report recently came out with an article predicting eight trades, one of which included the Mariners filling two holes in their lineup for Bryan Woo

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Why the Mariners shouldn't make the deal for Polanco, Kepler, and cash

Have you seen the pitching market? It seems like it is going crazy this offseason. Frankie Montas signed a 1YR/$16M that could become a 2YR/$34M deal. Woo (or Miller) definitely have more value than that. Seth Lugo got 3YR/$45M. Michael Wacha got 2YR/$32M. Eduardo Rodriguez got 4YR/$80M.

You're telling me that, in a trade, you wouldn't be able to get a boatload back from Woo? I think that, even with the cash involved, the Mariners wouldn't be interested in making this deal because of the amount of value that they would end up losing based on what they could get by making a deal elsewhere.

If Polanco and Kepler had a combined 5 years of control, then maybe it would be something that the Mariners would consider. Bryan Woo hits Arb-3 (it looks like) in 2029, meaning that he isn't a Free Agent until 2030! That is so much control over a starting pitcher that you HAVE to get more than 2/3 years return in offense.

I like Polanco. I sort of like Kepler. But for Woo? I just don't see it making sense from a value standpoint.