Bleacher Report thinks the Mariners could fill two holes in their lineup, and get cash, for Bryan Woo.

Bleacher Report recently came out with an article predicting eight trades, one of which included the Mariners filling two holes in their lineup for Bryan Woo
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Why the Mariners should make the deal for Polanco, Kepler, and cash

You're giving up a piece of your rotation, either your #4 or #5 starter depending on which side of the Miller v Woo argument you land on, and instantly upgrading the lineup with two players that have proven to produce at the major league level.

Polanco is a consistently good hitter, putting up OPS+ marks of 110 or more over each of the last five full seasons, throwing out the shortened 2020 season. He's averaged an OPS just over .800 during that time, while hitting around .270. Oh, and he also plays above average defense as well, mainly slotting in at second but being able to fill in at third.

With Kepler, he's coming off a 24 HR season in which he hit .260/.332/.484 with a 121 OPS+ and a 2.9 WAR. Are you telling me that wouldn't help the Mariners outfield right now? Maybe it would make the lineup look something like this.

SS - JP Crawford
2B - Jorge Polanco
CF - Julio Rodriguez
C - Cal Raleigh
DH - Mitch Garver
LF - Max Kepler
3B - Luis Urias
1B - Ty France
RF - Dominic Canzone

You have Rojas, Cabby, Hunt, and Moore on the Bench. Not great, but still worlds better than things sit right now most likely.