Bleacher Report names the Mariners as the best landing spot for these 3 players

With a ton of really good players still available, we take a look at a recent Bleacher Report article, where the Mariners were identified as the best landing spot for 3 players on the trade block.
Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles
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Two of the biggest names have already moved this offseason in Juan Soto and Tyler Glasnow. With that, there are certainly going to be more trades made, not all of similar magnitude, but there are some very good names on the trade block this winter. A lot of names have already been made available as teams like the Brewers and White Sox have good pitching and are looking to transition to a rebuild or retool.

The Mariners will definitely be active in the trade market, as Jerry Dipoto has obviously preferred this route of player acquisition. Even after the Mitch Garver signing, they will need two outfielders and possibly even another starter and reliever.

Bleacher Report recently came out with an article, "The best landing spot for each MLB player rumored to be on the trade block." Now, there are a lot of names on that list that the Mariners should be interested in, but whether it be the cost of acquisition or the matchup between the two teams, there are other teams that are better landing spots. Of the 15 players that they list, the Mariners were listed as the best landing spot for three different players. Let's take a look at the fit of the player and the potential cost to acquire said player.