Bleacher Report thinks the Mariners could fill two holes in their lineup, and get cash, for Bryan Woo.

Bleacher Report recently came out with an article predicting eight trades, one of which included the Mariners filling two holes in their lineup for Bryan Woo

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As we get deeper into the offseason, there are still some glimmers of hope for us as Mariners fans. We did end up signing Mitch Garver, showing that something is being done to improve the lineup after all the deductive trades that were made. Pitchers and Catchers are only 5-6 weeks away from reporting, and before we know it, Spring Training will be here.

However, is it possible that we could still see some moves by the Mariners? Bleacher Report seems to think so. We already talked a bit the other day about their best landing spot for each player rumored to be on the trade block, and we looked at the ones involving the Mariners. It's not all they did though, as they also went through and proposed eight trades around some of those players, and one just so happened to revolve around the Mariners.

Whether or not you believe in money being a new issue with all the TV deal shenangians going on, it has to be brought up when you are trying to think about what the Mariners could do to improve. They've cut payroll by a fair amount, and sit somewhere around $120M at the time of this article. With earlier rumblings this offseason that they would end up at a higher number than 2023 to rumors that they could finish around 135-140, it's hard to know what to predict.

That's why the setup for the trade that was proposed by Bleacher Report is interesting. Here is what they propose.

Mariners receive: Jorge Polanco, Max Kepler, and CASH
Twins receive: Bryan Woo

It's not just a minimal amount of cash, either. They call for the Twins to pay for half of the remaining salary for Polanco and Kepler this season, meaning the Mariners would take on just $10.25M in this deal. Is it worth it?