Baseball is life! Josh Rojas’s dominance for the Mariners and what it means

After coming over from the Diamondbacks, Josh Rojas played well for the Mariners. Since 2024 started, he's been playing like an All-Star
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Long-term implications of Josh Rojas

If any version close to what we're seeing currently from Josh Rojas holds up, then Seattle will not be in the trade business for a 3rd baseman at the trade deadline. This could potentially alter any plans to check in on guys like Nolan Arenado, Alex Bregman, or Bo Bichette.

While it is still somewhat early, Rojas has been carrying this lineup while guys like Jorge Polanco, Ty France, Mitch Haniger, and Mitch Garver have severely underperformed. Do Jerry Dipoto and Justin Hollander turn their focus toward a first baseman or a corner outfield bat, knowing that they have what they need at 3rd? This could be a massive development where the lineup is one bat deeper for the playoffs than originally thought.

Looking beyond to the future, the play of Rojas could allow some of the minor league talent that is producing more time to get ready.

Tyler Locklear, who admittedly has not played 3B in two years, was a potential discussion at 3B if the Rojas/Urías platoon failed. Instead, one of the hottest bats in all of AA will put pressure on Ty France to produce, else he will get a shot at 1st base at some point this summer.

Cole Young and Colt Emerson, prized top 100 SS prospects, and who both are a ways away from the bigs, will face less pressure to make it to Seattle if Rojas continues to show out. There's a long, long line of bloodshed and failed prospects that were rushed up by leadership in Seattle, and to give these guys a real chance to grow and actually be ready, could be the difference in a fun 3-4 year run and a potential decade of being a true championship contender.

In the present, enjoy the Josh Rojas Experience, and enjoy some of the best play out of 3rd base the Mariners have seen in years.