Do the Mariners need J.P. Crawford to be a playoff team or even a World Series contender?

The Mariners Shortstop has been on the IL for a week now, but the team keeps rolling. Do they need J.P. to be a true postseason contender?
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Mariners just faced one of their biggest mental hurdles of the season. They won a series against the Houston Astros... in Houston. The team were able to do it without their Gold Glove winning Shortstop, J.P. Crawford. The question that comes up after the series is, does the 2024 Mariners' team need J.P. Crawford to win a World Series this year?

J.P. is the defacto team captain. Cal Raleigh and Mitch Haniger both probably fill that role as well, sorry Julio. But J.P. has not been on the field, due to injury as of late and the team has been successful in his absence. Dylan Moore hit a home run, Luis Urias spun a fancy double play, and Josh Rojas has kept his All-Star pace up, hitting lead-off, a spot J.P. was in. So do the Mariners need Crawford to win a World Series in 2024?

The simple answer is yes.

The Mariners need J.P. Crawford make to make a run

Veteran leadership is important for any team. J.P. is one of the most veteran players on this ball club and has bought into the philosophy that Jerry, Justin, and Scott have put into place. J.P. Crawford is the poster boy for this Mariners' regime. Strong defense, get on base, and make things happen.

Should Crawford take over batting lead-off when he comes back? Not until Josh Rojas slows down, let J.P. hit second in the lineup or even sixth or ninth. The on-base skills J.P. has are elite, and batting him second with Julio in the third spot creates a new dynamic with Rojas' breakout season thus far.

The Mariners need J.P. Crawford. They need him to be a veteran and provide the thirst the rest of the team needs for playoff success. Crawford has been around for all the stages of Jerrys' team so he understands the process, he can be an important anchor to guide this current team to postseason success.