5 Former Mariners we would hate to see back in 2024

There are a lot of former Mariners players available in Free Agency. We already covered the players we would love to see back. Now comes the question, Who would we HATE to see come back?

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Earlier this week, there was an article here at SoDo Mojo that talked about 5 former Mariners players that we would love to be brought back for the 2024 season. Check it out, because it is a great read. But that got me thinking: Who are the former Mariners players I would HATE to see come back? Now, I am not saying I hate these players as people. I am just saying I would hate it if the Mariners brought them back. Some for on-the-field production, some because of clubhouse issues.

In Chris' article, he said he would not want to see Adam Frazier or Nelson Cruz back in 2024. While I do agree with him, I hope the Mariners bring back Cruz on a 1-day deal so he can retire as a Mariner. I have no clue if there is even interest from Nelly to do that or not, but he was beloved here in Seattle. Bringing him back in that capacity would be well received by everyone. As for Frazier, like Chris said, Not wanting to bring him back has less to do with what Frazier brings to the table, and more of us just wanting more than what he can bring.

Chris also mentioned Mike Zunino in his article. While he was loved by the fans here, Mike just does not have it anymore. Even in a backup role, I am out on Zunino. I loved him when he was here, but a part of me was happy to see the Mariners move on. He just did not live up to his 3rd overall draft pick in 2012. A player I view similarly is Ben Gamel. Gamel was great in 2017, where he hit .275 with 11 Home Runs with 59 RBI. But he has not lived up to that 2017 season. He has bounced around the league, and while I want him to succeed, I just want him to succeed elsewhere in 2024.