5 Former Mariners we would love to see back in 2024

Free Agency is always wild. If the Mariners are looking to fill out some of their potential openings, here are some familiar faces they could bring back in 2024
Arizona Diamondbacks v Seattle Mariners
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Looking into the upcoming Free Agency period, I wanted to see if there were any Mariners that would be worth reuniting with for Seattle. Some teams have massive names that they hope to return. Seattle, well, not so much.

There are still a handful of names out there that used to play for the Mariners. Some of them, sorry Adam Frazier, I'm just not interested in seeing come back. Not because they're bad, but because I want more at the position. Frazier would be nice as your backup second baseman, but we already have Rojas and Cabby who can fill the MI utility role. Also, it would be really cool to have Nelson Cruz back for a season, but I just don't know if he has anything left at age 43.

Instead, I'm looking elsewhere. It starts with people who haven't quite left yet, so it's a bit of cheating on this one, but you could still call them Free Agents if you want to. I want to look at both Tom Murphy and Teoscar Hernandez.

We need a good/solid backup catcher, and Murphy is a stud. It's the health that is a worry. A full season from Murphy would make for one of the best catching situations in all of baseball between Raleigh and Murphy. Murphy was doing really well in 2023 before once again going down with injury. If the Mariners want to take that risk, then I think it could make for a bold swing, and resounding success, if it works.

Then, there is Teoscar Hernandez. It sounded like he was being talked to in the locker room as if he wasn't going to be here next year, but who knows if that is true or not. There could be other conversations to be had and feelings could change, especially if the Mariners end up being worried that they wouldn't be able to replace Teo. Do they offer him the QO and let it be? Or do they actually try and sign him to a short-term deal? If you can get good Teo back, and even slot him into DH more often than RF, it would be a darn good situation and fix the Mariners DH spot.