4 moves the Mariners could do to fix every hole in their lineup

The Mariners are faced with a lineup with plenty of holes in it. Here are 4 moves that they could make to fix every single one of them

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Mariners move #4: Trade Bryan Woo, Tayler Saucedo, and Ty Adcock to Cardinals for Tyler O'Neill and Ryan Helsley

I switched this up at the last minute. The Mariners send out Woo, Saucedo, and Adcock for your new corner OF, and the Sewald replacement in Saucedo. I include Adock knowing that the Cards need some bullpen help, and that you could float Adcock. Helsley is a big piece for them, but Woo brings a lot of youth and control to St. Louis to try and stabilize a young piece of the rotation. Maybe its a better piece than Adcock, but that's the outline of the idea.

The Mariners get O'Neill back, which would be somewhat fitting and funny since they just saw Marco leave, who originally was acquired for O'Neill. O'Neill has a great ceiling, can hit 30 HR, can swipe 15 bases, and plays solid defense. He also has struggled at times, and you could be looking at a prove-it-type season for him as he enters the final year of arb and will become a free agent next season.

Do I love this deal? Giving up Woo for a year of O'Neill? No, but getting two years of Helsley helps. You've got the pitching, and if it's not going to be the Rays, why not make another deal with the Cardinals to scratch each other's backs?

The Mariners take in about $7M here I think, and it's the final of their four moves.

Fills a corner OF spot. Current Salary ~ $163.5M

Here's what your team looks like. Within the constraints of what we think the Mariners have, this looks so much better.

1. SS - JP Crawford
2. LF - Jung Hoo Lee
3. CF - Julio Rodriguez
4. 3B - Jeimer Candelario
5. C - Cal Raleigh
6. RF - Tyler O'Neill
7. 1B - Ty France
8. DH - Eddie Rosario
9. 2B - Josh Rojas

Then you have Cabby, Moore, Hunt, and Urias on your bench. Maybe Canzone in place of one of them. I like the sound of that a lot more than what it looked like up at the top. Come on Mariners, make it happen.