4 moves the Mariners could do to fix every hole in their lineup

The Mariners are faced with a lineup with plenty of holes in it. Here are 4 moves that they could make to fix every single one of them
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Mariners move #3: OF Eddie Rosario: 1YR/$8M ($8M AAV)

I wanna put Lourdes Gurriel Jr here, I really do. I have to try and stay semi-realistic though, and that's already two bigger offensive signings than we have seen in a LONG time for the Mariners.

I think Rosario would be a lot of fun as a DH who can play OF when needed/required. He can play okay out there, and wouldn't be a black hole or a worry. He also brings experience, having won a World Series before, something the Mariners could use in their locker room. He doesn't walk a ton, but his K rate sits at just 24% and change the last two years after being a perenial 15% guy the five years before that. It's what the Mariners need.

He isn't flashy, but if he is going to be the 4th weapon that you add to the lineup? That's a massive win for the Mariners, even if it is on a one-year deal. Think of it like Pollock from last year, but it actually works out. Did I say 4th? I did, because the next acquisition comes from a trade for an old friend.

Fills a corner OF spot/DH. Current Salary ~ $156.5M