3 Moves that Mariners could make after trading Jarred Kelenic to the Braves

The Mariners traded away Jarred Kelenic (and Marco Gonzales and Evan White). Here are some moves that we could see next for Seattle
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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The bad feelings are true and nothing happens

This is the biggest worry here. The Mariners, and by that I mean Stanton, don't do anything. There are so many holes there, and the in-house options don't look great. If nothing else happens, here is what the lineup could look like. I'll warn you now, go grab a garbage can, cause you're gonna need it.

1. SS - JP Crawford
2. CF - Julio Rodriguez
3. C - Cal Raleigh
4. 3B - Luis Urias
5. 1B - Ty France
6. 2B - Josh Rojas
7. LF - Dylan Moore
8. RF - Dominic Canzone
9. DH - Taylor Trammell?

Sorry. I know ipecac is effective, but looking at that lineup probably does the job better. It's just terrible. Would it really surprise you if the Mariners didn't do anything else? Stanton has never allowed the Mariners to do anything big in the hitting free agent market. I hope you still have that trash can nearby, because the biggest hitter the Mariners have signed since Dipoto came to town was AJ Pollock at 1YR/$7M.

I just... I get really nervous. I'm worried that the Mariners (Stanton) are going to prioritize short-term profit and limited expenditure over long-term profit and success.

However, I personally don't think it's going to happen. Do you really re-sign Luis Castillo and Julio Rodriguez, with Robbie Ray, if you aren't going to try and make things happen? I try and stay positive, but it can be tough sometimes. Let's just hope that the Mariners do one of those top options and make a good splash this offseason, instead of slipping off the diving board in front of their crush and belly flopping into the pool.