4 Mariners who have stood out after the first week of the 2024 season

Let's look at the glass half-full after the first week of the season to see which 4 Mariners have stood out so far

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These 2 Mariners bats have been a pleasant surprise so far

Ty France

Many fans were calling for Ty France's head in 2023; he struggled mightily, and he knows that. France is too good of a hitter to let his 2023 season override his very solid 2021 and 2022 seasons. France spent a lot of time at Driveline in Seattle, Washington, giving fans a lot of hope he can have the same type of results that JP Crawford yielded last year.

So far, the results have been awesome! France leads the team in hits with six and has struck out just four times. He looks very comfortable at the plate and has driven the ball to all fields. France doesn't have any extra-base hits yet, but he is hitting the ball extremely hard (94.9 average exit velocity; last year it was 87.5 mph), as well as barreling up the baseball (14.3-barrel percentage when last year it was at 6.8%).

France being a solid to above-average bat for this team in 2024 could be huge! He will most likely slot in around the number six or seven spot in the lineup, which is a lot better spot than forcing him in to the three-or-four-hole spot like last year. This could take some pressure off of France, and when you pair that with his suspected faster bat speed, we could be looking at a career year for France.

Mitch Haniger

One of the biggest fan favorites in Mariner's history returned this year and I don't think that you could find a Mariners fan that wasn't ecstatic to have him back. Haniger delivered in some big-time moments for the Mariners.

There is no question that, when healthy, Haniger is a very productive hitter and that should continue for the Mariners this year. The biggest question is "Can the Mariners keep him healthy enough to be an impact bat?". If you are looking for an impact bat, however, the Mariners haven't had a more impactful offensive player than Haniger so far in 2024. with five hits, he is second on the team, and with three RBIs, he is tied for the team lead.

Haniger is off to a hot start and will certainly be a key contributor when in the lineup. Hopefully Scott Servais can manage his playing time and keep him healthy for the entire year. If they can get 100+ games out of Haniger, they will be very thankful and ride his production into the playoffs.