3 ways Dominic Canzone can be a difference maker for the Mariners in 2024

The Mariners acquired Dominic Canzone at the trade deadline in 2023. He has the opportunity to be their starting left fielder in 2024.
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After the Mariners traded Jarred Kelenic, there was a sense they felt comfortable enough with Dominic Canzone in left field. The Mariners saw how well Canzone played while Kelenic was hurt last year. Canzone showed flashes of what his potential as a hitter could be with clutch hits against Baltimore and Houston back in August. Canzone is also a solid defender and made 20 starts for the Mariners in left field last year.

This season the Mariners are likely to start Canzone in left field as one of their three starting outfielders. He will play left field and has the potential to be an everyday starter. If Canzone can start the majority of the time, including against left-handed starting pitching, the Mariners may finally have a consistent starting left fielder.

We talked a bit about Canzone earlier in the week, but it seemed like it would be worth diving deeper as well to take a look at some of the different ways that he might be able to provide the Mariners with not just offense, but stability as well.

For Canzone to be an everyday starter, he will need to improve against lefties. Last year, Canzone hit just .125 against left-handed starting pitchers. That batting average needs to improve for Canzone to avoid being platooned whenever the Mariners face a left-handed pitcher. Otherwise, there is a better chance Canzone will be platooned and substituted for a right-hand bat against lefty starting pitchers.

Although the Mariners did acquire outfielders Mitch Haniger and Luke Raley this off-season, Canzone should play more than both of them in left field. Given Haniger and Raley each dealt with injuries last season, the Mariners will want to be careful about how much playing time they give each of them. Also, Canzone has primarily played left field, whereas Haniger and Raley have played mostly right field.

Dominic Canzone has had a fantastic spring for the Mariners with a .300/.333/.700 (as of Wednesday morning) slash line in Spring Training. Knowing what he can do with his glove, if his bat can catch up, Seattle might be looking at a special young outfielder for years to come. With the Mariners needing outfield depth, Canzone has the potential to become a solid left fielder.

Here are three ways Dominic Canzone can be a difference maker for the Mariners in 2024: