3 teams the Mariners could trade with as they are reportedly listening to trade proposals for starting pitchers

It came out that the Mariners are still listening to trade proposals for their starting pitchers. Here are three teams they could be listening most intently to
Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers
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Trade Candidate #1: Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have been looking for pitching help, and it sounds like they are still looking for a SP. It even recently came out that they were looking at Michael Lorenzen to fill a role in their rotation, showing the desperation and need that they have.

With a bevy of infield prospects and the top farm system in baseball, could this be a match? We talked a bit about trading for Coby Mayo possibly in that role. It would be risky for both sides, but he has an incredible arm if he can stay nimble enough to play third. With Henderson and Holliday there already, Mayo would have to be a 1B. Why not fix needs on both teams?

There is another aspect to this, and it's one that the Mariners are facing themselves. Do you make a risky move to try and push that window open sooner? It's what the Orioles would be doing, especially if they made a deal for Gilbert instead of Woo/Miller. Gilbert leaps to the top two of their rotation, battling Bradish for the lead role most likely.