Could the Mariners make a sneaky trade to help out the Baltimore Orioles?

The Mariners have a lot of pitching and need a third baseman. The Orioles need pitching and have an extra third baseman. Could a trade be made between the two?
Baltimore Orioles Photo Day
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I was having a chat with a friend of mine, who actually used to write here occassionally, and we were talking about some under-the-radar hitters that the Mariners could try and go after in a trade. Dipoto and crew are always making moves that people don't expect to happen, so it was a route that we tried to take in figuring out who the Mariners could go after.

The Orioles were the team that came up, and full credit to him on this. The Orioles have Gunnar Henderson and Jackson Holliday likely taking up third and short for the forseeable future. They could put Holliday at second, leaving Henderson and Coby Mayo on the left side of the infield. Everyone knows about Holliday and Henderson, but Mayo is a great prospect in his own right.

Although it technically would take away from their infield a bit, would getting a starting pitcher under control for a long time be worth it for the Orioles? I think that's a trade that would be intriguing to both sides. Without any other additions, the Mariners don't NEED to trade Woo. The same goes for Baltimore, as they can find spots for all those guys to play.

However, each team would be dealing from a position of depth and potential surplus in order to fill a big need on their team.

Mariners trade: SP Bryan Woo, SS Michael Arroyo
Orioles trade: 3B Coby Mayo

This sends back another MI prospect for the Orioles to take a bit of the loss of Mayo away, and it's not as painful from a Mariners system that does have a fair amount of SS prospects. We all know about Woo, so why would the Mariners want to trade him for a 3B who has yet to play in the majors?

Coby Mayo is actually the 27th ranked prospect in baseball, pre the release of the updated 2024 rankings. However, Mayo looks to be completely worthy of that ranking after destroying AA pitchers in 2023, and then performing quite well against AAA pitchers to finish out the final 62 games of the year. He would hit a combined .290/.410/.564 with 45 2B, 29 HR, and 99 HR. His K rate was around 24% on the season, but actually went down a tad once he got the call to AAA.

I don't know if this is a deal that either team would make. Maybe it would require the Mariners to sign a pitcher first (Blake Snell, maybe?) and then make the trade. Maybe they would need to tempt the Orioles a bit more and throw another prospect in.

Either way, I think that while it does take away a strong piece from each team, it's one of those deals that would make both of them better by addressing areas of need that are currently lacking for each team. They've already made 7 trades since Dipoto took over, so why not make that an Elite 8th and send Bryan Woo and Michael Morales to Baltimore for Coby Mayo.