3 options to replace Matt Brash in Mariners bullpen after news of his injury

The Mariners were dealt devastating news, Matt Brash could miss an extended amount of time this year. With that, we take a look at 3 options to replace him in the back end of the Mariners bullpen
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Option #1: Mariners target best remaining free agent, Ryne Stanek

A personal favorite of mine all offseason, Ryne Stanek, has still gone unsigned and is looking for a team to join for spring training. There is still plenty of time for Stanek to join the squad and get ready for opening day, assuming he has been working out and getting his arm ready.

Stanek is one of the more underrated relievers on this market, and it's surprising that he is still a free agent. The 32-year-old was one of the better relievers in 2021 and 2022 with a strikeout rate over 10 K/9 each season. He had an incredible run in 2022, as the Astros went on to win the World Series. He had a miniscule 1.15 ERA over 54.2 innings limiting batters to just a .3 HR/9. This seems like the outlier year as the home run rate was the only year he has surrendered less than one home run per nine innings. He's got quite the highlight video as well.

Stanek shouldn't be all that expensive either, which could be an important factor for GM, Jerry Dipoto. This late in the year, Stanek might not have a ton of leverage, and a team like the Mariners might offer him the most opportunities for mid-to-high leverage opportunities. I think it would be pretty easy to get him in the Mariners spring training facilities on a one-year deal worth maybe $2M-$3M, a pretty low risk move, with significant upside.