3 options to replace Matt Brash in Mariners bullpen after news of his injury

The Mariners were dealt devastating news, Matt Brash could miss an extended amount of time this year. With that, we take a look at 3 options to replace him in the back end of the Mariners bullpen

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Option #2: Hometown lefty Matthew Boyd

This one might tug at your heart strings a bit. The Mariners need a proven reliever and having someone that grew up a diehard Mariners fan, there may not be a player that would work harder to get the Mariners to the postseason than Bellevue native, Matthew Boyd, Mariners fans can be an emotional bunch and signing a Seattle native has been the talk of the offseason; what better way to appease fans than to bring back one on a club friendly deal (sorry, it's not going to be Blake Snell).

This move isn't purely an emotionally directed signing, as Matthew Boyd has been a valuable pitcher since having to rediscover himself. The Mariners got a lot of great value out of Boyd in 2022 over 13.1 innings. He had just a 1.35 ERA, allowing no home runs and just 3.4 H/9, though his strikeout and walk rates aren't quite as solid (8.8 K/9, 5.4 BB/9).

Boyd returned to Detroit in 2023, making 15 starts (0 starts in 2022 with the Mariners), over 71 innings. His ERA jumped to 5.45, but the peripheral numbers were solid with a 4.35 FIP, 9.3 K/9, and a 3.2 BB/9. Boyd should know that his career is going to be made in the bullpen and the Mariners need to take a chance on the Bellevue native, to capitalize on the solid 2022 season he had with Seattle. I think they should be able to do this on a low-risk deal like a one-year deal worth $1M-$2M, maybe even a non-roster invitee.