3 Moves that Mariners could make after trading Jarred Kelenic to the Braves

The Mariners traded away Jarred Kelenic (and Marco Gonzales and Evan White). Here are some moves that we could see next for Seattle
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Mariners could sign MULTIPLE hitters in free agency

What happens if the Mariners cant make it happen with Tampa? Or, even if they do, what is something else that they can do to improve the lineup?

Whether or not the Tampa deal happens, you still have so many holes in this lineup right now. Say it doesn't happen. The Mariners need to make multiple calls in free agency to try and resolve the issue. Here's a way they could go about making it happen.

Mariners sign: Lourdes Gurriel JR for 4YR/$64M
Mariners sign: Jorge Soler for 3YR/$45M
Mariners sign: Jeimer Candelario for 3YR/$51M

That's three really good hitters, nothing special, but solid pieces that you definitely want in the lineup. Also, it's about 3 years for a total of $48M per year. That puts you into that $168M range. It's right around league median, and isn't anything crazy. It shouldn't be a big ask to want the Mariners to get into that range, especially with their market size and the amount of fans and money that they have been bringing in.

What's your lineup look like if you get these three? How does this look to you? I think it's better than anything we have seen in a long time.

JP Crawford
Julio Rodriguez
Jorge Soler
Cal Raleigh
Jeimer Candelario
Lourdes Gurriel Jr
Ty France
Josh Rojas
DH... Canzone/Cabby/Moore?